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From data to insight for C-Levels

What you may be missing is a widespread understanding of the potential and value of data-generated information, and the fact that IoT is a huge enabler of evolution and new business models.
Advanced technologies enable your company to reimagine everything from product development to sales and service. It is our experience that taking a strategy-driven approach and systematically identifying opportunities across the organization is the best path to a successful outcome.


Wanna be successful?

in our experience, a strategy-driven approach to systematically identifying opportunities across the company is the best way forward.



IoT to Executive: from Sensors to People

IoT to Executive is the sensor-to-people proto-product. In simple terms it identifies the route that goes from the physical object (the sensor) to the dashboard. It’s functional for decision-making resulting in an improvement in business logic.

Digital Transformation Ecosystem

We cover the entire development stack from the deployment of physical hardware in the field (device management) to the management of dashboards and appliance intelligence for your organization (extracting useful information to manage the business).


iot to executive

The entire value chain can be summarised into key business elements: from innovation, to management, to people


Higher Qualification: creation of tailor-made solutions for customers with the support of strategic partners


High level of competence: continuous work on managing complex processes


IoT can be compared to coal mining, if parallels are drawn between bits and atoms, between information and matter. In both cases it means extracting the raw material, conveying it, sorting it, analyzing it, processing it, and thus extracting its true value.

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Field and Cloud

There is a fundamental distinction in any IoT system between “field”, the physical and logical location where telemetry collection and device implementation takes place, and “Cloud”, the place (more logical than physical) where this communication is centralized and where virtually unlimited computing and storage resources are available.
In between is the Internet.

IoT installments, which may start from a pilot, can grow by several orders of magnitude not only in terms of connected devices but also in quantity, frequency, and level of data quality.
A highly scalable approach is needed on the centralized side of the system. That is why data collection takes place mostly on Cloud and more rarely on directly managed on-premises installations.


Kindred spirits

We’ve been partnering and are continuing to explore new paradigms together.

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innovative approach and added value.

A partnership has a reason to be. Hardware and software to build new roads together in the IoT universe.

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Shared visions and cutting-edge technology research.

A joint effort that fosters mutual relationships within a cluster of highly specialized companies.


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How to pair products with an intelligence layer?

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