We are pleased to announce the release of our new Code of Ethics. Crafted as a valuable guide, this tool functions like a map, directing our business decisions towards a path of Responsibility and Awareness in the professional realm.

The Code of Ethics mirrors our continuous dedication to elevated Ethical and Social standards, embracing values like clarity and transparency. An invaluable guide in decision-making that promotes informed direction of all People involved (Stakeholders).
We openly share the Code both within and outside the organization, ensuring that everyone working with us is acquainted with our Ethical and Social Values and commitments.

Within the document, the Principles and Values that steer Interlogica as a Benefit Corporation (and future B Corp) are highlighted. Elevated standards of fairness, responsibility, and honesty are part of our DNA. Being a Benefit Corporation entails leveraging business for the common good, contributing to the improvement of life in the Community, People, Customers and for the Environment.

The “The ties that bind us together / Our Values” section represents a further attempt to clarify the corporate culture and draw out the core values guiding individuals within the organization. “Identifying what our core values are, is part of a broader vision that drives us to express our culture in the best possible way. It is not about telling what we do, but how we do it. We believe that behaviors and inclinations impact and define the nature of the work we carry out at Interlogica”.

The Code of Ethics is tangible evidence of our commitment to Social Responsibility and Business Ethics. The entire document is available for consultation and download on Interlogica’s website, underscoring our firm commitment to utmost transparency and the sharing of our Principles and Values.