Some time ago we announced the opening throughout Interlogica, of a Lightning node identified by the public key
0202b1f1a4a74876e6c03bc135541ab89ad555bff38cc8984e6ba8cab1a16db4ed and in alias

The 4,119 currently present nodes are constantly growing, such as are the 12,313 publicly announced channels.

The intriguing thought to visualize how these nodes were distributed out of the planet, analyzing those points of higher density, has immediately involved us. On the net, there are already some graphic maps of the network, but they are often partial, temporary or abstract. This is due to the fact that a complete list of all nodes and relating IP addresses is difficult to find.

Therefore a team of developers set to work to achieve one, succeeding in identifying 2963 nodes with their relevant channels. Undiscovered nodes are probably those without channels or non-public.

The map is now officially reachable at the address with the geolocalized nodes.

The realization witnessed our node as the starting point for tracing the map. In particular, from the channels associated with, we analyzed all the existing ones to which the node of Interlogica is connected.

The procedure then repeated iteratively until the complete map was obtained.

The map is updated at regular intervals so to ensure the best accuracy.

Don’t wait, go get a look at