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Our long experience in strategic advisory combined with our deep knowledge of technology allows us to support companies during their digital transformation process.

Society is evolving and innovating at a higher speed and this requires a change of mentality, especially in the case of enterprises. In this revolutionary scenario, Interlogica stands as a landmark for all those companies that want to embrace digital transformation, an unprecedented phenomenon that is already changing everyday life.

We are the cornerstone of a new concept that is gaining ground inside our own ecosystem – the idea of “smart company” – namely, companies that use technology and innovative approaches to work to transform their organization. Our goal is that of supporting enterprises during their digital transformation, providing both the necessary tools and advice.

Interlogica is the first result of the digital transformation, since the company has uniquely moulded its culture and its ecosystem of companies around those innovative principles, tools and methods that it wants to spread outside of its borders.

What we can offer to the enterprises of tomorrow isn’t simply user-centred software, but also new business ideas, through strategic advisory and custom products. This grants the opportunity to shift into modern and advanced companies, flexible and responsive to market changes.


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The technology for digital information. Tracking and managing a monumental amount of information while also simplifying processes and enabling new company activities require tools that can accurately and quickly answer to those needs.

Web applications are the solution that many companies undergoing digital transformation require, with the integration of advanced technologies.

Offering a product or a service, or even introducing a company to the online world is based on a different perspective, if compared to that of the offline world. For this reason, investing in the design of the user experience (UX) is fundamental, because customer’s satisfaction is directly related to the realization of all business.

UX includes all the aspects connected with end-user interaction. However, that is not limited to the single product, but it is also connected with the company and all its services. Therefore, the User Experience is not focused on the study of user interfaces or on the concept of usability.

The digital transformation alters the company’s dimension. A shift in the management of information occurs: from a simpler to a more complex data, projects and activities management.

This new scenario demands more flexibility, as well as a new-found way of producing value for the customer; who, thanks to the Agile approach, can perceive the content quality during every step of the project.

The complexity of today’s global market requires organizations that can sustain more pressure, in order to grow and react rapidly to the everchanging marketplace, and be ahead of the competition.

Building flexible and efficient IT systems demands a profound knowledge of the business processes. This allows to guide many traditional organizations towards a strategic alignment that favours both IT operations and strategic goals.

The global market dynamism asks for rapid adjustments in the technological infrastructures, in order to fulfill new requirements.

The interconnection between internal and external enterprise systems brings value to the clients, because of its direct impact on their competitiveness.

Improving transactions’ speed and simplifying the requirements of everyday operations represent some of the benefits that allow clients to improve their performances.

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