A new life for used vehicles with long-term rental


Are you thinking about upgrading your car and buying the model of your dreams?

There are so many combinations, choices that complicate the buying process, and the dream of driving a new car never seems to be within reach.

The number of used vehicles available on the market is constantly growing, offering increasingly high levels of quality.

Have you ever heard of long-term rental for used cars?

Deciding to rent a used car may seem like a contradiction but it could be the way to achieve that which you thought impossible. You have the chance to choose the vehicle you want whilst simultaneously saving thousands of euro compared to a new car. What’s more, you can upgrade after just a few years.

The long-term used-car rental market is new on the scene, with positive prospects for growth and still somewhat unexplored. Indeed, not all retailers or rental agencies offer this opportunity, it still being somewhat rare to find used car rental offers advertised online.

Yet it is not impossible, hence a growing number of rental agencies, dealerships and brokers are opening up to this still-emerging market.

Right now, achieving your dream means having to actively search for those who offer this service, yet it does mean you can afford a like-new vehicle that is often just a few years old and still under manufacturer’s warranty.

How does used-vehicles rental work?

Normally, the used vehicles available for hire through dealerships are certified as being second-hand vehicles that are less than 4 years old and with a mileage below 30,000 miles (48,000 kilometers). In addition, the vehicles are subjected to careful checks both in terms of the mechanics and the bodywork.

The process for renting used vehicles has the same rules and structure as per new cars: the rental agency or dealership determines the residual value of the used vehicle and establishes the monthly rates and installments accordingly, also based on the services and mileage.

This particular type of rental is of interest not only for companies and professionals wanting to avail of the tax benefits and incentives, but also for individuals.

Some tips for renting used-vehicles

It is not always easy to navigate the vast world of rentals so here are some suggestions and measures to make your experience easier.

Look for an agency or dealership that offers the service: if it was love at first sight with a vehicle from a particular car manufacturer, call the dealers or dealerships for that make and ask if used-car rental is an option.

Be flexible: look for the model of greatest interest amongst the certified used vehicles whilst bearing in mind that you have a limited choice in the combination of colors or mix of accessories. Keep in mind that adapting does not mean giving up on comfort.

Ask for a quote: once you have found the vehicle and dealer/dealership that offers a hire service, request a quote to determine the down payment and monthly installments, including all services and mileage.

Compare offers: to find a good deal and save money, you need to be able to assess whether the rental offer is good value. One suggestion is to compare the offers, also asking for a rental quote for a new version of the same model so as to be more aware of the costs.

The advantages of a long-term used-vehicle rental contract

  1. Lower monthly rates – this point is to be reiterated, given its importance. Considering the lower selling price of a guaranteed used vehicle and the lack of devaluation typical of new cars, it is possible to negotiate a low monthly rate that generally includes the main bureaucratic and car management services (roadside assistance, stamp duty, insurance, maintenance).
  2. Certified vehicles  – Used cars offered up for long-term rental are safe and guaranteed, meaning everything is included in the fee so you only have to worry about fuel consumption and any personal fines or violations
  3. Enjoy the luxury – Very often, these used cars are only a few years old and there are a great variety of models to choose from (city cars, small cars, minivans, crossovers, sedans, station wagons, convertibles, coupes).
  4. Frequent replacements – Selling a car is a burdensome process both in terms of time and valuation. You have to find the right buyer, negotiate the price and evaluate the reliability of the purchaser. The long-term rental contract, rather, frees you from any possible unknown factors – it can last from 2 to 6 years and allows you to upgrade the vehicle more frequently, without the hassle of having to sell the car.

The downsides of a used car rental contract

  • The older the car, the more problems: renting a car with many miles on the clock could require more frequent routine maintenance. However, modern cars are more durable and—thanks to predictive maintenance—they are less prone to sudden breakdowns.
  • Newer options are not always available: a new vehicle will undoubtedly have more advanced safety or technological features than a used car. If you decide to rent a certified used car, make sure it has everything you need.

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